Christmas Day Swatting Incident Targeting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Under Investigation


Christmas Day Swatting Incident Targeting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Under Investigation

Authorities are currently investigating a Christmas Day swatting incident at the residence of Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene in Rome, Georgia. The incident marks the eighth time the controversial congresswoman has been targeted in such an attack.

Taking to social media on Monday, Greene revealed the unnerving experience, stating, “I was just swatted. This is like the 8th time. On Christmas with my family here.”

Details of the incident emerged when 911 dispatch informed officers about a call received through the suicide prevention hotline. The caller, believed to be in Rome, New York, claimed to have shot his girlfriend at Greene’s Georgia address in Rome, Georgia, and also threatened to take his own life.

Rome Police quickly informed Greene’s security team about the call while dispatching officers to the residence. However, before reaching the location, officers were informed that nothing was amiss at the home, leading to their turnaround.

Expressing gratitude for the swift response of the local police, Greene emphasized the strain that such incidents put on law enforcement. “My local police are the GREATEST and shouldn’t have to deal with this,” she added. “I appreciate them so much, and my family and I are in joyous spirits celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ!”

Swatting is a dangerous prank that involves making a false emergency call with the intention of luring law enforcement to a specific location. The responders are led to believe a serious crime is occurring, prompting a forceful and potentially dangerous response.

In a related incident, Republican Representative Brandon Williams also reported being swatted on Christmas Day. Williams shared his experience on social media, noting that law enforcement contacted him before arriving and later departed with homemade cookies and spiced nuts.

Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck confirmed that a swatting incident occurred at Williams’ residence, responding to a false report of a confessed shooting incident. The authorities are currently investigating the matter.

This is not the first time that swatting incidents have targeted Greene. In August 2022, there were reports of repeated swatting attempts at her home. Additionally, just last month, a Georgia man faced charges for threatening to kill Greene, her family, and her staff.

The swatting incidents add to the challenges faced by Greene, a divisive figure in American politics known for her controversial remarks. As the investigations unfold, questions about the motivations behind these attacks and concerns for the safety of public figures continue to be raised.

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