Europe Maintains Dominance, Leads 9-2 in Mosconi Cup Ahead of Final Day


Europe Maintains Dominance, Leads 9-2 in Mosconi Cup Ahead of Final Day

Team Europe continues to dominate the 2023 Mosconi Cup, extending their lead to 9-2 after winning two out of three matches on Friday night at Alexandra Palace. The European team needs just two more points to secure victory in the tournament, heading into the final day with a massive advantage.

After a commanding 4-0 sweep on the opening night and a 7-1 lead on the second evening, Jayson Shaw played a pivotal role in increasing Europe’s lead on Friday. Shaw, along with David Alcaide, defeated the American duo of Skyler Woodward and Shane Wolford with a score of 5-2 in the first match of the night. Shaw then showcased his skill in a singles clash against Woodward, securing a convincing 5-1 victory.

Woodward, teaming up with Fedor Gorst, managed to secure a point for Team USA by defeating Shaw and Francisco Sanchez Ruiz 5-3 in the final match of the evening. Despite this, Europe maintains a commanding seven-point lead heading into the final night’s action.

In the opening tie of the night, Shaw took a formidable 4-0 lead over Woodward, demonstrating Europe’s continued dominance. While Woodward showcased resilience with a golden break in rack five, Shaw secured the win with his second break and run, pushing Europe further ahead at 9-1.

Team USA, facing a significant deficit, concluded the night on a positive note by securing a morale-boosting 5-3 victory in the final match. Woodward’s second golden break of the evening played a crucial role in this triumph.

The final night’s action promises an exciting conclusion to the Mosconi Cup, with Team Europe on the brink of securing a fourth consecutive tournament victory and a 16th overall win. The competition will be broadcast live on Sky Sports Arena from 6.30 pm on Saturday.

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