Home Design Trends Forecasted for 2024: Insights from Houzz


Home Design Trends Forecasted for 2024: Insights from Houzz

As the new year approaches, home design trends are set to undergo exciting transformations. Renovation and design platform, Houzz, provides a glimpse into the anticipated buzzworthy features in 2024. Here’s a breakdown of the trends to watch:

  1. Blending Backsplashes:
    • Backsplashes in kitchens are evolving into bold statements, with slabs of stone or quartz extending to new heights.
    • The use of a slab as a focal point, matching the countertop, creates a visually striking and cohesive look.
  2. Adding Fluted Details:
    • Texturized fluted details are emerging on bathroom vanities, kitchen islands, and living room furniture.
    • This aesthetic adds a rough, statement-making element, providing visual texture and interest to various spaces.
  3. Infusing Cozy, Warm Neutrals:
    • Cool grays and stark whites are making way for warm neutrals like beiges, creamy off-whites, and rich browns.
    • These softer neutrals contribute to a calmer, more welcoming environment, encouraging depth through tones, textures, and patterns.
  4. Singing the Blues:
    • Blue color schemes take center stage in 2024, with various shades chosen as Color of the Year by paint companies.
    • Blues, from sky-inspired hues to deep watery tones, are expected to feature prominently in decorative materials and housewares.
  5. Making ‘Old’ New Again:
    • Homeowners are incorporating traditional details and materials into modern designs, creating a timeless and sustainable style.
    • Elements like brick, handmade clay tiles, rustic wood, and arches contribute to a sense of “quiet luxury.”
  6. Getting Sentimental With Handmade Flairs:
    • Homeowners are embracing handmade features for a unique look, including custom tiles and bathroom vanities.
    • The trend reflects a move away from cookie-cutter designs, emphasizing individuality in home renovations.
  7. A Stylish ‘Appliance Garage’:
    • Clever storage solutions gain traction, providing homeowners with a designated space to stow countertop appliances.
    • The appliance garage offers easy access while keeping gadgets hidden behind sliding cabinets or specialized cabinetry.
  8. Modernizing Herringbone Patterns:
    • Herringbone patterns make a comeback, taking on new directions such as diagonally or vertically for updated looks.
    • The pattern is becoming popular in kitchens and bathrooms, adding visual interest, movement, and texture.
  9. Making the ‘Mud-Laundry Room’:
    • The fusion of mudrooms and laundry rooms addresses messes at home entry points.
    • This setup enables homeowners to handle dirty sports gear or muddy items promptly, preventing dirt from spreading further into the home.
  10. Looking in-Between the Pavers:
    • Greenery is incorporated between outdoor pavers on walkways for added visual interest.
    • The trend softens pathways, breaks up hardscape expanses, and creates a lush, living feel in garden paths and patios.

As homeowners explore these trends, 2024 promises a dynamic and diverse landscape in home design.

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