inDAO and Verida Partner to Drive Web3 Adoption in Uzbekistan


inDAO and Verida Partner to Drive Web3 Adoption in Uzbekistan

inDAO, an organization specializing in integrating blockchain technology into daily life, and Verida, a provider of self-sovereign digital identity solutions, have joined forces with the aim of promoting the widespread adoption of Web3 in Uzbekistan.

The partnership involves the execution of pilot projects and engagement with government stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of establishing both technological and business consensus. The objective is to deliver a cost-effective and efficient digital infrastructure for Uzbekistan, focusing on user privacy and digital security across sectors such as healthcare, education, and real estate.

Verida and inDAO will work directly with the Uzbekistan government’s Digital Economy Research Center to showcase the potential of Web3 technology as a crucial component of Uzbekistan’s digital strategy. Through pilot programs conducted in 2023 and 2024, the collaboration will illustrate how inDAO’s blockchain technology and Verida’s self-sovereign web3 wallet and regulatory-compliant data storage can empower citizens by providing control over their digital presence.

A tailored edition of the Verida wallet, designed to meet the needs of Uzbekistan citizens, is set to debut in 2024. This customized wallet will connect with the inDAO blockchain and operate on Polygon Supernets. Simultaneously, Verida’s self-sovereign database network will ensure the security of user credentials, healthcare data, and other private information that should not be stored on a public blockchain.

The collaboration plans to build proof of concepts in key focus areas, working closely with stakeholders across various government departments and industry leaders. Initial pilot projects include partnering with local universities to implement zero-knowledge credentials, enabling students to verify their qualifications to potential employers. Subsequent initiatives will involve pilot projects in three hospitals, providing users with the ability to take control of and manage their health records securely.

“We are excited to be collaborating with inDAO to explore how emerging blockchain, web3 and self-sovereign identity technology can be impactful across multiple sectors of Uzbekistan,” said a government representative from Digital Economy Research Center in Uzbekistan. “We will jointly build out proof of concepts in the key areas of focus over the coming months, working closely with stakeholders across multiple government departments and industry leaders.”

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