Jayson Shaw Aims to Stoke the Atmosphere in Anticipation of 2023 Mosconi Cup Clash


Jayson Shaw Aims to Stoke the Atmosphere in Anticipation of 2023 Mosconi Cup Clash

As Team Europe’s vice-captain, Jayson Shaw is eagerly anticipating the spirited atmosphere when facing America’s top nine-ball players in the upcoming Mosconi Cup, set to be broadcast live on Sky Sports Arena starting December 6.

In the rich history of the Mosconi Cup, few have stirred emotions quite like Earl Strickland, an American pool icon known for his confrontations, outbursts, and mind games. Last year, Jayson Shaw boldly mimicked Strickland by putting his ear to the crowd after defeating the three-time nine-ball world champion in Las Vegas.

Shaw, now the playing vice-captain for Europe, embraces the lively aspect of the annual clash and plans to engage the home fans at Alexandra Palace. Reflecting on last year’s rowdy atmosphere in Vegas, Shaw stated, “This year, I’m going to make sure the fans are really on it. I get a lot of stick, but I give a lot too.”

Despite Strickland not participating this year, Shaw has already set his sights on teasing another opponent, former Team Europe player Fedor Gorst, who switched allegiance to play for Team USA. Shaw, in good spirits, remarked, “He’s going to get a lot of heat for that this week. I’ve already been giving him a lot of stick for that, but he takes it well and he’s a good person.”

Entering the Mosconi Cup ranked fifth in the World Nineball Tour rankings, Shaw brings excellent form to the table. His recent victory in the Hanoi Open final against Europe teammate Albin Ouschan has boosted his confidence. Shaw sees the tournament in the Vietnamese capital as ideal preparation for the Mosconi Cup, drawing parallels between the venue, crowd, and the atmosphere of the prestigious event.

Reflecting on his journey this year, Shaw shared, “At the start of the year, a lot of things weren’t really going for me, but I’ve just tried to stay positive, keep working on my game, working on myself, and I feel like I’m in a good position now. I’m playing well, I feel good in myself, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Shaw has actively contributed to Europe’s preparations for the Mosconi Cup, organizing a pre-tournament camp in Scotland for match practice and team bonding. As the excitement builds, fans can anticipate a thrilling clash between the best talents from Europe and the USA, and Shaw is poised to play a significant role both on and off the table.

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