JD.com Chairman Acknowledges Challenges, Calls for Company Overhaul


JD.com Chairman Acknowledges Challenges, Calls for Company Overhaul

Richard Liu, the billionaire founder and chairman of JD.com, has addressed internal concerns about the company’s performance, admitting to “mismanagement” and rallying employees for change. In a post on JD.com’s internal forum, Liu responded to various issues raised by an employee, emphasizing the need for a significant transformation to address challenges in promotions and merchant support. This comes amid increased competition in the Chinese e-commerce market, with rivals like Pinduoduo (PDD) gaining momentum.

Key Points:

  1. Acknowledgment of Challenges: Liu acknowledged that JD.com is facing significant challenges, and he took responsibility for some of the issues, attributing them to “mismanagement.” This candid admission from the company’s founder indicates a commitment to addressing internal concerns.
  2. Employee Forum Response: Liu responded to an employee’s detailed comment, recognizing each of the company’s pain points as genuine problems that require change. He urged employees not to embrace a lax work culture but rather work collectively to overcome challenges.
  3. Competition in E-commerce: The call for change comes at a time of heightened competition in the Chinese e-commerce sector. JD.com, traditionally the second-largest e-commerce firm in China, faces challenges from rising competitors like Pinduoduo, which recently surpassed Alibaba in market capitalization.
  4. Stock Performance: Both JD.com and Alibaba have experienced stock declines in 2023, with Pinduoduo’s stock surging by 75%. Liu’s acknowledgment of challenges aligns with a broader industry trend where e-commerce giants are reassessing strategies in response to changing market dynamics.
  5. Market Response: Following the announcement of JD.com’s removal from the Nasdaq 100 Index, the company’s stock closed down 3.2%. This underscores the importance of addressing internal issues to maintain investor confidence.
  6. Leadership Transition: Liu’s comments come over a year after he stepped down as JD.com’s CEO following legal issues. His continued involvement in addressing company challenges indicates ongoing commitment to JD.com’s success.


Richard Liu’s transparent acknowledgment of challenges and his call for organizational change demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing internal issues. In the competitive landscape of Chinese e-commerce, companies are adapting to evolving market dynamics, and Liu’s leadership signals a commitment to JD.com’s resilience and growth. As the e-commerce sector undergoes transformation, the company’s response to internal challenges will likely influence its position in the market.

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