Tech Advancements Elevate the Cali Pass Ski Experience for 2024


Tech Advancements Elevate the Cali Pass Ski Experience for 2024

The popular Cali Pass, granting access to four renowned mountains—Bear Valley, Dodge Ridge, China Peak, and Mountain High—has received a significant technological upgrade just in time for the ski and snowboard season.

In a groundbreaking collaboration between the California Mountain Resorts Company (CMRC) and Accesso Technology Group, a leading technology solutions provider for attractions, the Cali Pass now boasts real-time lift updates, weather forecasts, exclusive discounts, and more, according to information shared with Travel + Leisure.

Initially launched in the spring of 2023, the Cali Pass also offers three days at each of the nineteen Powder Alliance destinations worldwide. This includes notable mountains like Sierra at Tahoe, Marmot Basin, Silver Mountain Resort, Loveland Ski Area, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, and Mt. Shasta Ski Park.

Prospective buyers looking to acquire the enhanced pass can choose their home mountain and opt for the “Cali Pass” upgrade. While prices may vary throughout the season, the current cost for adult passes at Dodge Ridge, Mountain High, and China Peak, including the upgrade, is $899. For those interested in Bear Valley, direct inquiries can be made at 209-753-2301. Individuals who have already purchased an individual mountain season pass can add the Cali Pass for an additional $149 (subject to fluctuation during the season).

In conjunction with the upgraded pass, Accesso and CMRC are launching individual mobile apps for each of the four mountains, in addition to the Cali Pass app. These apps are designed to enhance users’ ability to “explore, engage, and enjoy skiing—both across California and around the world.”

John McColly, the vice president of sales and marketing for CMRC, expressed, “Our partnership with Accesso aligns with our commitment to delivering exceptional guest satisfaction and ensuring our mountains remain go-to destinations across the globe. These five apps are filled with tools, tips, and insider tricks to make each guest’s visit even more special. Whether they’re partial to a single resort or exploring all our areas, guests can capture every exciting moment on the mountain and create memories that will last a lifetime.”

Within each app, users can manage their Cali Pass access, track personal ski stats, visualize the mountains in 3D to plan their routes, and even opt to track friends and family on the mountain. The apps also facilitate private chats, provide navigation assistance for food offerings at each mountain, and offer exclusive discounts both on and off the mountain.

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